Why hire a professional copyeditor or proofreader?

Written content is the backbone of many businesses, and when that material is read by your clients, they expect a level of professionalism. A single spelling mistake, grammatical error or a wrong choice of word could have a significant impact on the first impressions between you and your potential customer.

A native English proofreader/copyeditor is not only able to pick up on spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, but also provides a highly professional standard for your work on the global stage. Proofreaders and copy editors are, by design, the last checkpoint for your written work, and can be the deciding factor for a piece's success.

Below are some examples of how I can help you and your business shine!


Promotional material

Brochures and menus


Booking sites

Social media posts

Promotional Material

Stand out from the competition!

  • Stand out from the start with clear and concise English.
  • Turn your raw text into content with authority and ready to impress.
  • Language to resonate with your target audience.

Brochures and Magazines

Create a better reading experience for your clients.

  • Deliver clear and concise information to your clients.
  • Create professional texts with authority.
  • Demonstrate the environment and goals of your establishment.
  • Quality text that creates a great reading experience.


Make the perfect first impression!

  • Create a fantastic first impression to new and potential clients.
  • Language to increase search engine hits - search engine optimization (SEO). 
  • Deliver the atmosphere of your establishment through the screen.

Booking Site Editing

Appeal to the world and increase your bookings.

  • Stand out on these highly competitive sites. 
  • Clear and concise information for your clients.
  • Exciting language for good first impressions.
  • key words to tick off the customers "boxes". 
  • Make your establishment be found and booked.

Social Media Posts

Constantly stand out from the crowd with your social media posts

  • Express editing for social media posts.
  • Create a great impression for new and existing clients.
  • Maintain high consistency with excellent English.
  • Fast content return for your convenience.
  • Charged every 500 words, invoiced at your convenience.